Christopher B. Miron

Christopher B. Miron

Managing Partner

Christopher Miron specializes in providing audit, tax, and consulting services to Quigley & Miron’s nonprofit clients.

Christopher joined Quigley & Miron in 2009 after eight years in the financial services industry.  Christopher worked for three years at Morgan Stanley helping individuals and nonprofit organizations manage their investments.  He added to his experience managing and developing investment solutions for individuals and institutions over the next 5 years as a securities trader at Froley Revy Investment Company, Inc. and an Investment Product and Quantitative Analyst at Transamerica Financial Advisors.  Since joining the firm, Christopher has led the adoption and implementation of the current paperless software-based audit approach and the firm’s online presence.  Under his father John’s tutelage, Christopher has quickly become expert in all things nonprofit. 

Christopher is the youngest member to ever be admitted to Wilshire Rotary Club of Los Angeles and has served as club treasurer for the past 2 years.  Christopher is also a member of the Jonathan Club and a former board member of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.

Christopher earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from the University of Southern California in 2001.